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P & A Mars Motors Ltd
Our clients range from private individuals with one car to corporate companies with fleet car maintenance requirements, and as we do not rely on passing trade, we get most of our new clients through introductions from existing clients. Please have a look at our testimonials.

We can service and repair most makes and models but we specialise in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porches, Smart cars, Audi, VW, and Ford.>

Here are three good reasons to book on line:-

  • You can book your car service online now to qualify for a 10% discount on our normal labour charge.
  • We can arrange to pick up your car locally, free of charge, if your booking is made online for our 'Out Of This World Service'ť.
  • Cars in for a full service are washed and hovered as part of your service leaving your car ready for the cat walk.
We offer three different Service packages as follows:

 Item Mars Service 1 Mars Service 2 Mars Service 3
4 cylinder engine £68.00 £149.99 £235
6 cylinder engine £75.00 £189.00 £285
Cost of MOT with this service £44.99 £39.99 Free
Check operation of lights tick tick tick
Check condition of wiper blades tick tick tick
Test windscreen washers /adjust & top up tick tick tick
Visually inspect cooling system for leaks & top up tick tick tick
Drain and refill engine oil tick tick tick
Change oil filter tick tick tick
Check brake fluid & top up where necessary tick tick tick
Check battery & top up level tick tick tick
Check & top up power steering fluid tick tick tick
Inspect tyres & set pressures tick tick tick
Generally inspect under vehicle tick tick tick
Check operation of heating system & air conditioning   tick tick
Replace air filter   tick tick
Check & top up gear box oil level   tick tick
Check & top up axle oil level   tick tick
Inspect brake hoses & pipes   tick tick
Inspect suspension mounting   tick tick
Inspect & check operation of shock absorbers   tick tick
Inspect drive shafts & gaiters   tick tick
Check prop shaft & universal joints   tick tick
Examine condition of exhaust system & mountings   tick tick
Check & top up power steering fluid   tick tick
Check & top up suspension fluids   tick tick
Inspect condition & adjust drive belts
(power steering & alternator only)
  tick tick
Assess engine performance & sound     tick
Replace air filter (where applicable)     tick
Replace spark plugs (where applicable)     tick
Lubricate linkage & cables     tick
Check & adjust wheel bearings     tick
Remove all wheels (rotate if required)     tick
Check, clean & adjust front brakes     tick
Check, clean & adjust rear brakes     tick
Lubricate brake linkage     tick
Check & adjust cam belt (as per manufacturer’s recommendations)     tick
Check, drain (where necessary) & refill coolant (anti-freeze)     tick
Check lighting equipment (replace max 2 bulbs only where needed)     tick
Check headlamp aim & adjust     tick
Inspect track rod ends & ball joints     tick
Inspect steering & suspension     tick
Grease all grease points     tick
Inspect power steering hoses & pump for leaks /check operation     tick
Check & adjust parking brake     tick
Check ABS warning system & operation     tick
Check tyres & pressures     tick
Inspect fuel tank & lines for leaks     tick
Inspect under body & vehicle structure     tick
Inspect brake lines & flexible hoses     tick
Check & adjust clutch, transmission & drive belts     tick
Check gearbox & shift movement / automatic gearbox operation     tick
Examine steering rack/box for play & leaks, top up oil level     tick
Check steering for pull, wandering & efficiency     tick
Check operation of instruments & horn operation & tone     tick
Clean & grease battery terminals     tick
Lubricate locks & hinges     tick
Check operation & condition of seat belts     tick
Tune engine & check exhaust emissions     tick
Check brake performance on rolling roads     tick
Road test & wash car     tick

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT and parts.
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